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Invitation to Autumn School of Publishing, 28–29 October 2023


With curiosity, Multipöly is calling together the first Autumn School of Publishing. This is a meeting place for practitioners in the fields of text and art, graphic design, activism, research and other ___________ interested in self-organised publishing.


The theme of the Autumn School 2023 is Publishing and collaboration:


What kinds of ways of doing and being together can publishing enable?

What forms of collaboration are taking place in our local publishing scene?

What have we learned from ___________?

Who and what do we need around us in order to publish?

Which forms of labour come together in publishing?

What is left outside ___________?

What kind of collaboration do we dream of?

In what ways can publishing collaborate with other ___________?

How can collaboration ___________ the boundaries of publishing? How can publishing ___________ the boundaries of collaboration?


The Autumn School of Publishing will take place in Helsinki on the weekend of 28–29 October. Participants are invited to bring a question that is important to them and relates to the theme of publishing and collaboration. In addition, Multipöly will invite two extra guests to bring ___________.

The Spring and Autumn Schools of Publishing organised by Multipöly open up perspectives on publishing as a self-organised activity through specific themes, by way of discussions, proposals, ___________, making, and spending time together. Despite their title, the schools are informal and low in hierarchy: there are no teachers, but sheer wonder and knowledge production are achieved together.


Multipöly's Spring and Autumn Schools serve as a starting point for experimental publications, “Papers”, which will be published afterwards. The aim of the Papers is to document and expand the ___________ that has been developed together and to share it with a wider audience. The production of the inaugural Papers will begin in the Autumn School and participants will be able to ___________.

Autumn School of Publishing 2023: Publishing and collaboration

Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 October, 9.30–18.00
Participation requires being on site for the entire duration of the school.


The venue in Helsinki will be announced later.


Free of charge. The days include vegan food: breakfast, light lunch and snack.



You can enroll here 5–24 September 2023.

The Autumn School can accommodate around 15 participants. If there are more enrollments, participants will be selected by lottery.

Participants will be confirmed on 25 September.

The Autumn School of Publishing 2023 is supported by the Arts Promotion Centre Finland.

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